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This page is devoted to feedback of Medlicotts who have links to England. I am grateful to Jim Wood who made extensive research into archival census and births, deaths and marriage records, etc. His own family tree via his maternal grandmother Elsie May Medlicott, takes him back to a William Medlicott b1780, who lived and farmed at Medlicott until sometime in the 1830/40’s when the family moved to Caynham (Cainham). Before that his ancestors lived in the Shropshire area and the family tree can be traced back to John Medlicott who was born at Medlicott in 1530.

I have re-arranged the page such that the main heading refers to the English location that the first Medlicott ancestor is believed to have lived. The second level heading then either refers to a location of a descendent, probably the person contributing to the website or specific locations of ancestors that lived in the general area.

 The principal sub-headings are:

  • Abingdon
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Hereford
  • Leominster
  • Liverpool to Canada
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Middlecott
  • Shropshire
  • Sumner
  • Sutton
  • Coldfield
  • Wiltshire
  • Worcester
  • Other connections with no defined English link

Laurence Kelly wrote saying:
There is a new exhibition in Abingdon’s museum dealing with “forgotten” history of the town. Apparently one of the exhibits recalls William of Orange’s stay with a Mr Medlicott (they spell it “Medleycott”) of East St. Helen’s street in 1688/9(?). I assume this was Thomas Medlicott who your website says “was presented with a Parliamentary Medal at the Coronation of William and Mary, 11 Apr. 1689”.

Charles Medlicott, who lives in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska wrote: “I live in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. My father was John Alexander Saddler Medlicott, His father was Jack Medlicott of Birmingham. I really don’t know much about them or the family name. Any information would be interesting.”

Sutton Coldfield
Phil wrote:
I used to know a Kathleen Medlicott and her son Christopher Medlicott who lived in Sutton Coldfield during the 1960s. Do these names appear in your lists? I would like to be able to contact them.

Keith McCloskey wrote to find out more about a Joan Medlicott who worked at Whitchurch Airport near Bristol in the 1930s. Keith is writing a history of a British Aviation Company called Airwork. They had a depot at Whitchurch Airport near Bristol in the 1930s. One of their employees was a Joan Medlicott who was an apprentice with them. This was most unusual for the time as although there were female pilots, female engineers/mechanics were very few (although she was a pilot as well). He would like to find out more abouit her and whether she had any descendants at all? He is also interested in an Anne Irvine Medlicott who married one of the sons of Lord Swinton.

Occasionally I receive messages from two different people and on reading them I see there is a connection between them.
Michael Bryan sent this information about Medlicotts while researching his own tree.
Unknown Medlicott married an unknown Bache.
Son Edward born in England 1755 who married Elizabeth Bradley. Their Son Thomas Medlicott born 1788 Gloucestershire England, Died 1862 married Martha Haynes.
Son James born 1815
Son John born 1816 – Aston Banks (Cold Aston) Gloucestershire England married Sarah Packer Dec 7 1841, Aston Bank.
Daughter Mary (1845, Aston Bank)
Daughter Helen (1846)
Son William (1848, Aston Bank)
Son Edwin (1850, Cold Aston) married Henrietta Owens (b 1854)
Son Thomas (1853, Aston Bank)
Son George (1855, Aston Bank) Married Elizabeth Martyn (b 1856)
Daughter Sarah Ann (1858, Aston Bank)
Daughter Rosanne (1863, Gloucestershire) Died 1865 Aston Bank He is decended from Edwin & Henrietta.  
Sonja had also been looking into her Family of Haynes. Her GGG Grandfather was baptised James Millicott Haynes and he was born in 1813 in Asthall, Oxfordshire. His mother Martha married (who I assume to be his father, although he never took his name) Thomas Medlicott on 20 Nov 1815 in Asthall, Oxfordshire. There was another Medlicott marriage on 31/1/1815 between Edward Medlicott and Mary Pearce, (they could be brothers?). Sonja observed that the family appear to have been moving along the Windrush Valley in Windrush, Gloucs and Naunton, Stow on the Wold.

Tim Goodwin Medlicott was kind enough to send me some notes that had been compiled his grandmother, Ada Elizabeth Medlicott (b. 1863), of Herefordshire. After the 1st World War she gathered together some correspondence concerning the link between her branch in Herefordshire and those in Shropshire. Her father was a James Medlicott who married Anne Powell in 1862.
She made a note that:
John Medlicott of Peterchurch died 1858 aged 81.
James Medlicott of Peterchurch died 1835 aged 55.
The first letter is from Henry Edmondstone Medlicott (HEM) to an unknown recipient. Sandfield, Potterne Devizes, May 1916.
Dear Sir,
I am endeavouring to make a correct list, a role of honour or record of Medlicotts who have served their king and country during the war. Sometime ago I saw the name of “E.M. Medlicott” on Suttons Role of honour and wrote to him. I received a letter from him dated March 10th 1916 – very kindly replying to my inquiries, and showing an interest in the family name and history. It was with great regret that I saw very soon after the announcement of his depth in France. On the list his rank was stated as 2nd Lieut 9th Royal Berks Regt.
He told me that his father died when he was quite young that his name was Henry and that he lived many years at The Court Bodenham and previously at the Great House Dorstone in the Golden Valley Herefordshire.

I have been interested for many years in the name and history of the Medlicott family and have known for a long time that there was a branch settled in Herefordshire. The earliest mention I have is 1713. The name occurs in Pole Brooks as freeholders in 1754. 1774, 1796, 1802 1818 re. of residents at Peterchurch and Leominster.

The name (Medlicott) occurs in the Hereford Herd Book and the family has I believe a good record in this connection.

The second letter is from William Medlicott, solicitor of Craven Arms Salop to Arthur Medlicott of Three Cocks Brecon. dated 29 January 1924.
Dear Mr Medlicott,
I had quite alot of correspondance with the late Mr H.E. Medlicott and in 1916 we touched on the branch of your family. In one letter he sent, Lieut. Edward Medlicott (whom I think was your brother) told him he believed his grandfather’s name was John and also informed me that “he had extracts from old poll books of Herefordshire in which the name frequently occurs back as far as 1754” and I think I wrote to him as the Herefordshire Medlicotts. The unusual Christian name of Adam gives circumstantial of the connection of a branch in that county with Wentnor.
On 25th October 1718 Adam son of William Medlicott was baptized at Wentnor (This being the only Medlicott with the Christian name of Adam in the register).
However about 30 years previously (14th July 1688) the Will of an Adam Medlicott was proved and he was of Leominster.
In June 1800 administration of the estate of William Medlicott of Bodenham was granted to his father Adam Medlicott.
In August 1804 the Will of Adam Medlicott of Bodenham was proved. ………………………………….
A list of subscribers in an old History of Ludlow 1794 has the name Ths Medlicott Leominster. Kelly’s Directory of 1870 gives under Peterchurch Medlicott James Mowbege Medlicott John Hunton Court
signed William Medlicott
Craven arms 1.2.1924
Dear Mr Medlicott,
I find I have a note of the Will of a Thomas Medlicott of Wowchurch Herefordshire 1713. I take it there is a tradition that they came there pretty directly from Wentnor. There was quite a fashion for those of Wentnor and Pontesbury to go to Wiltshire to seek their fortunes and possibly your people may have come back from that part.
signed William Medlicott

Entries from Church Register of Peterchurch Parish Church.
R.M. Medlicotte (spelt differently) was baptized privately Sept. 24 1700.
1730 Richard Medlicotte Churchwarden
1760 Mary, daughter of Richard Medlicotte buried.
Tim notes that the 1870’s Littelbury Guide to Herefordshire mentions three other Medlicotts in the county:

  • Henry Medlicott at The Court Bedenham
  • Thomas Medlicott at The Great House Dorstone
  • Thomas Medlicott at Westbrook Court, Clifford

Is it possible to reestablish the link between these families and their Shropshire roots?
Howard Medlicott replied to this web page entry and said “Hello I am one of eight Medlicotts my late father was from Hereford (Holmes Marsh) he was one of four, the only one living is his brother Percy.”
Subsequently Tim sent me the following information:
“Meanwhile I came across the deeds and legal documents relative to the Medlicotts in Peterchurch and these give a documentary picture of their antecedants back to the mid 1700s. Prior to this the original notes and documents from my grandmothers papers identify the research in to church registers that indicate a family line of Adam Medlicotts back to an Adam, churchwarden of Ratlinghope, Nr Wentnor in 1698. He or someone of the same unusual Christian name, died in Leominster in 1688. Thereafter an Adam was baptised at Wentnor on 25 Oct 1718 and a similarly names person was buried at Bodenham, Herefordshire (just south of Leominster) in August 8 1804. His son, William, was thereafter buried there in June 1800. This Bodenham branch were cousins (at least, if not a closer connection) of the Peterchuch family and were frequently mentioned by my father and grandmother, based at Vern Farm and closely associated with the instigation of the Hereford cattle breed which eventually became known as the Vern herd. An interesting history in itself! I have the obituary of Richard Medlicott of that address who died in 1935; the family mourners included 7 named Medlicotts who still need identification but have all the usual family Christian names which aren’t very helpfull.”
Another Hereford connection was sent to me by Rhonda Rose of Tasmania Australia.
“My ggg grandfather was a Joseph Medlicot born around 1793 in Herefordshire,he married Elizabeth Lewis in 1825 at St Marys Swansea. They had ten children,one being Martha Medlicott who was born in Swansea Wales on the 6th July 1832.Martha married James John on the 28th Febuary 1849.Martha and James are my gg grandparents. Would these Medlicotts be related to your Medlicotts at all. I have more information on them, if you wish to email me. Rhonda Rose. James and Emma where Josephs parents but I don`t have a lot of information on them.”
April Fielding, nee Johnson wrote to say that Joseph & Elizabeth Medlicott (Lewis ) are the parents of my ancestor Thomas born 1839, he married Jane Jones. They came out to Australia to live, I know nothing about them only that they are the parents of my great grandmother Catherine Medlicott, who married Thomas Henry Johnson at Merewether NSW on the 23-2-1891.

Noel Rabouhans wrote:
“I came across your family history website whilst researching my own family history. My maternal great great grandfather’s (George Newman 1816 – 1884) first two marriages were to an Ann Medlicott. The second Ann Medlicott was born in 1816 in Leominster to Thomas and Sarah Medlicott (nee Edwards), married George in Birmingham in 1852 and died in 1858. Information for the first Ann Medlicott is less certain, but she may have been a sister of, or have been related to the first. It appears she was born about 1813, again in Leominster, married George in 1847 and died in 1851. Whilst this Medlicott family from Leominster was probably only a minor branch of the overall Medlicott family, this information may be of interest to you. I can send you the full details that I have if you would so wish. By the same token, I would most appreciate any further information that you might have on the Medlicotts in Leominster.”

Elizabeth Law is looking for information about her  mother’s family.Her grandparent’s names were William and Elizabeth Medlicott, her grandmothers maiden name being Kearns.her grandfather was a Scaler by trade. The grandparents last known address was September Road Liverpool. Her moither’s date of birth was 7.9.1912 and she died 12.10.1944 leaving 2 daughters Patricia Medlicott born 12.10.1933 and Elizabeth Medlicott herself born 25.6.1940. At the time of her mother’s death from pulmonery tuberculoses her home address was 41,Ruskin St,Liverpool 4. The address when she was born was 93,Breasenose Road Liverpool. Her mother had a number of siblings 2 aunts Jessie and Chrissie and a brother Joe. There may be another brother. Jessie was married and had a number of children her married name was Power. The lack of information is beacause at the time her mother passed away and was with her father she was not in  contact with her family as she was not married to her father and her parents banned her from their home although they did have contact with her and her sisterI. She doesn’t know if her mother changed her name by deed pole or not but she lived with her father under the name of Walsh, his name being Thomas She and her sister were ignorant of this situatiion beiing brought up with the name of Walsh as our surname until 1965 when both of them applied for copies of their birth certificates. It came as a surpise to find that their names before marriage was Medlicott and not Walsh even having got married under  the name of Walsh.The reason being they had lost touch with the medlicott family when her father married their step mother in Dec.1946 They did not let her late father know that they had found out his past as he did his best to keep it from them.Any information you can find would be greatly apreciated as she and her sister have Grandchildren and great granchildren in Australia and are very anxious to find out about their ancestory.    

Jon Taylor from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada wrote to say that his great grandmother was Mary Ann Medicott, born around 1850-1860, and that she married Thomas Hulme circa 1870 and that they possibly lived in or near Manchester in the UK. He would like to hear from anyone who may have family connections or may be able to provide any information about his great grandmother.  

Jean Bellamy wrote to say that she has a large tree of the Medlicott family, sent to her by a member of the family, a solicitor living in Shropshire (she thinks), though this was a little while ago. Her interest in the Medlicott family is that she and her late sister Sheila, are descended from Joyce Medlicott of Medlicott (born c.1690) who, on the death of her husband, moved to Church Stretton. (By his will, her husband had left the house to Joyce for one year, after which it was to go to the children of his first marriage). She received quite a lot of help and information on this from Sir Mervyn Medlicott of Dorset. Her 3-gts grandfather was Job Medlicott who married Jane Griffiths, their daughter Sarah marrying Charles Alcock of Kidderminster. Jean has portraits of Job and Jane and of Sarah and Charles, and would be very happy to leave them – on her death – to any member of the family who might be interested, as she have no relatives to leave them to.  

William has been conducting some genealogical research in to the Medlicott family and has established a strong Canadian connection to the Medlicott’s of Shropshire. In has most recent article in this regard,” A Canadian Connection to the Medlicotts of Shropshire- A Family of Distinction”. His research indicates that his wife would be a not to distant relative of several prominent Medlicotts from Shropshire-the birthplace of the Medlicott Surname.
He has also written 3 articles regarding the Medlicott family history and this research also reveals a connection to at least to two English Kings, Diana, the Princess of Wales and the current Royal Family. This relates to section II of the family tree described by Henry Edmondstone referring to the marriage of John Medlicott and Eleanor Thynne, where Eleanor is a decendant of William the Conqueror. Anyone interested in finding out more about these articles should contact me directly.
Bishop’s Castle – Wisconsin link
William J. Medlicott wrote:
My grandfather, Arthur Medlicott , was born “in England” Sept. 24, 1834. I have been unable to trace him back. However, with the aide of Graham Medlicott of Medlicott, I found the following;
Thomas and Martha Medlicott (married in Wentnor March 28, 1797) had their son James Sayce Medlicott baptized on 2/28/1802 in Bishops Castle. James S. married Ann Tipton 12/29/1825 at Bishops Castle. Their son Edwin was christened 6/19/1831 in Bishops Castle. Those three do not appear an any records that we have been able to find.
In the 1860 census of Bad Axe (now Vernon) Count, Wisconsin, U.S.A., a James Medlicott, with appropriate age, son Edwin of appropriate age and My Grandfather Arthur, appear on three adjacent pieces of property.
I have almost all of the lineage of Arthur since that time. I’m hoping that you or one of your viewers can solve this dilemma for me.
Incidentally, i just discovered your website through Wm. H. Medlicott, a descendant of the family that started Medlicott Knitting Mills in Massachusetts. It is a marvellous website.
Subsequently William supplied the following additional information:
“Through genealogy.com, I found an Edwin and a Jas. Medlicott landed in New Orleans from Liverpool on the ship Brandywine on Oct. 9,1848. Edwin’s age was listed as 17, Jas. age 20. Through our National Archives I was able to get a film strip with passenger lists of all ships arriving in New Orleans in 1848. I found Edwin and Jas. easily, but no other Medlicotts. With painstaking care, I went through the whole passenger list. With great excitement I finally found James Medlicott, age 43, wife Ann, age 40, and ARTHUR, age 10. All ages correspond to info I had, except Arthur who by my info should have been 14. I believe these findings are conclusive evidence. Several questions remain–who was Jas. and what happened to him? How did the family wind up in Wisconsin for the 1860 census? What is Arthur’s true age? Where did James and family move after Edwin’s birth on 6/19/1831?”
“I have found a lot of information on James Sayce Medlicott, but the time between son Edwin’s birth 19/06/1831 in Bishops Castle and their departure from Liverpool on the Brandywin arriving in New Orleans 09/10/1848, is missing. I’m specifically looking for son Arthur’s place of birth.”
See also the James Sayce Medlicott connection at the Melbourne reference below.

Bishop’s Castle – Sydney Australia link
Beverley Nathan wrote to say that she was a descendant of Samuel Medlicott of Bishops Castle, Shropshire, born 1811. The details are as follows:
Samuel Medlicott was married to Elizabeth and their children were Amelia, Elizabeth, James, Jane, Mary and Thomas. The census records indicate that he was resident in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England from around 1861 till his death in 1884. His son Thomas and his wife Ann Marie Payton came to Australia about 1878/1880 with their two children Elizabeth and Frederick Joseph Medlicott. Thomas subsequently set up a sheet metal business in Sydney Australia in Foucart Street, Rozelle with his sons. This Medlicott connection is also mentioned in the collateral page of the Henry Edmonstone account.

Merle Alice Marshall-Garside from Seymore County, Ontario, Canada is trying to contact someone who is related to SARAH MEDLICOTT (UK) who married John Pugh in 1847. their children were William, Sarah Elizabeth, Mary Sophia and John. She is related to Mary Sophia who married James Marshall. Her house is called “MEDLICOTT HOUSE” in honour of her great great grandmother.
Jim Wood, referred to at the beginning of this page wrote to me to say that Sarah Medlicott who married John Pugh is a sister to his gggrandfather Richard Medlicott, and is therefore descended from John c1530. Richard Medlicott came from Caynham,Shropshire according to the records Jim gave me.

Church Stretton
Gaynor wrote:
Just found your site and Wow. My nan was Lily Medlicott. She married Charles Parkinson and went on to have 9 children who all lived in shropshire. she was born in Church stretton in 1894.Her brother was called Leonard Medlicott and he was killed in WW1. I was amazed that the name Medlicott comes from that area. I’ve just started my family tree and decided to trace Medlicott as the name is uncommon. I hope in time I find that some of these people are my descendents. Thanks for puttng this site together. Gaynor Williams
Shaun wrote to say that he has a couple of photographs he believes to be Leonard John Medlicott of All Stretton, Shropshire, who died in 1916 at the Somme. He also has photographs of the medlicott family in general
Tina is attempting to find more information about her 9 x Great Grandfather William Medlicott 1666-1722 and his father my 10 x Great Grandfather Jeremiah Medlicott 1630-1703 both from the Church Stretton/Medlicott area. This corresponds to Item 7 of the pedigree in section 5. Phil Patterson tells me that his father is Thomas, Grandfather Edward 1570, G Grandfather John 1550, GG Grandfather Thomas 1530.

I was born Elaine Medlicott, Dorrington Shropshire. My grandmother was Elizabeth Donnelly from Ireland, my grandfather Danny Medlicott from Dorrington.  My father Raymond Medlicott, still lives at Dorrington, my fathers brother was John Donnelly. I would love to trace my history if you could help?

Daniel Morgan-Thomas wrote: “My own Medlicott family begins with the marriage of Elizabeth to one John Huxley in Aymestrey, (where they settled and begot my later ancestors) in 1753. It appears that Elizabeth was the daughter of Francis Medlicott and Mary Shepherd, who had married in Kingsland, Herefs, in 1720. Francis seems to have been born in Middleton-on-the-hill, Shropshire, in 1691. His father, crucially, had the christian name of ADAM, and married one Tabitha Everall, in 1683. I was fascinated to read of both the Herefordshire and Shropshire connections with the name, and was hoping to find out if anyone had any information on Adam (whose birth parish is unknown to me)”.

Pat Lucas wrote:
I have a cousin John Medlicott who lived in Newport near Melbourne with sisters Kathy and Cheryl, father Jeremiah, mother Kathy. Uncle Jerry was born in Wheaton Aston and moved to Newport in Shropshire in 1910. He had one brother and five sisters. He emigrated to Australia in the 1920’s.

Judy wrote:
I read your site with much interest. A connection of mine was Thomas Medlicott who was from Salop, Shewsbury. He was a convict who came out to Tasmania in 1840. The convict record mentioned that he had uncles Edward and Charles. I am sure this rogue must fit in with your tree somewhere, any ideas?
Lorraine Francis has subsequently provided the following additional information about the above Thomas and his wife Jane:
Thomas MEDLICOTT married Emily Jane (known as Jane) HUTCHINS/ON on 1 Dec 1845 at Christ Church, Longford, Tasmania, Australia. Jane was not a convict. She emigrated to Tasmania with her parents & siblings on the ship “Royal Saxon” in 1842. Jane and her sister Martha travelled under the Bounty Scheme. This meant that they were required to work for an employer for three years or pay what remained of their fare if they chose to leave earlier.
Richard Medlycott sent me the following information on Thomas Medlicott:
He was one THOMAS MEDLICOTT of Wentnor Born 1820, He was convicted in 1840. He embarked at Plymouth on the 14 April 1842 arriving in Hobart on the 24 July 1842. It showed in records that Thomas had an Uncle Edward living in Ludlow, and another Uncle Charles living in Birmingham. Thomas trade was a farm labourer and worked for Mr. William Griffiths he was 22yrs and Single.

Below is a transcript of his hearing:
John Pinches whose goods were stolen
Constable John Bowen received a warrant to arrest Thomas Medlicott for one of the two crimes. The watch seems to have been stolen on the night of 18th/19th August 1839, and he was apprehended wearing stolen stockings on 17th September 1840, the goods were stolen from John Pinches.
At the trial John Pinches and his Father James Pinches gave evidence , also the Constable.
Plea Not Guilty Verdict Guilty Sentence 7 years transportation
Shropshire: The jurors for our Lady the Queen upon their oath PRESENT, that Thomas Medlicott late of the Parish of Wentnor In the County of Salop, labourer
On the Nineteenth Day of August in the Third Year of the reign of our Sovereign Lady Victoria, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, with Force and Arms, at the Parish aforesaid, in the County aforesaid One Silver Watch of the value of one pound and One pair of Stockings of the value of two shillings, Of the Goods and Chattels of one John Pinches Then and there being found, feloniously did steal, take, and carry away, against the Peace of our said Lady the Queen, her Crown and Dignity.
Larceny Indictment
When Thomas arrived in Tasmania,he was sent to work at Perth, in the North of Tassie, then sent onto Mr. Roycroft at Woodstock, in Longford from October 1842-March 1844. Then Thomas worked for a Mr. Wood at Little Hampton, Thomas later married Emily Jane Hutchinson, (also a convict) on the 8 Dec 1845 at Christ Church, Longford. They moved over to Victoria to the Gold Fields near Ballart, Travelling through the Black Forest Thomas took ill and died on the 21 Aug 1854 aged 34 yrs leaving Jane and the children, Anne, Eliza, and Thomas jrn, Jane returned to Tasmania and remarried a Samuel Hills

Andrew Summer, a descendant of Charles Richard Sumner, the Bishop of Winchester, wishes to find out more about the link between Sumner and Medlicott families and particularly whether there is a link between his family and William Sumner and Mary Medlicott in the 16th century. His research has found that the Sumners and Medlicotts are joined twice in marriage once in the 16th century and once in the 19th century. His particular interest is with Thomas, James, Richard and Mary Medlicott who left Pontesbury in late 16th century and travelled to London. They became Merchant Taylors and Dyers and were based around Thames Street in London. They were connected with a dye house in Black Boy Alley. Richard Medlicott had a daughter Mary who married Andrew’s ancestor William Sumner and they had three children. Andrew is trying to work out how Mary Medlicott and William Sumner are connected with later generations of Sumner, including the bishops. He is also trying to discover where that William Sumner came from?
Mary’s Will identifies her two brothers, James and Thomas as well as her husband and three children. James was in turn the father of James Medlicott of Stockwell and Ashstead Surrey referred to by Mr Mervyn T. Medlycott in the Supplement as the most probable ancestor of George Medlicott of Tully. The other brother Thomas was a dyer and lived ‘under the sign of the coppa’ in Black Boy Alley off Thames Street and is the ancestor of the Medlicotts of Ven House and Rockett’s Castle.
Milborne Port, Somerset – Ven House
Thomas wrote to say that he had recently been looking into his heritage and had come across a lady called Sarah Ann Medlicott, of Wales, whom married William George Elliott. They lived between 1871-1962 and 1862-1932 respectively. He had traced Sarah Ann back to her great grandfather James Medlicott (1781-1822) and his wife, Elizabeth. Sarah Ann is his 3x great grandmother and he was hoping perhaps for help slot her into the greater Medlicott family and see if she’s related to the Medlycott branch of Ven House.

As explained in Section 2 there are many possible variation of the name Medlicott and Peter Bruges has provided the following information relating to the name Middlecott and wants help with the Burges/ Bridges/ Burgys connections. The timeframe that he is working in is around the late 1400s and early 1500s when there is a paucity of records and much depends on wills and deeds.
Margery Middlecott (d.1588) married (1) Thomas Burges (d.1543) of Leigh Upon mendip and (2) Phillip Cottington (d.1562). The will of Margery and Phillip mention Richard and William Middlecott but no relationship ascribed. Furthermore, Margery and Phillip\’s son John Cottington will dated 5 December 1597 mentions his \”brother in law\” William Middlecott. For this relationship to be possible it implies that Margery\’s daughter Elinor married William Middlecott (d.1598) of Bishopstrow. I have copy of William\’s will and it refers to his wife Elinor. Margery Middlecott had issue by Thomas Burges: Elinor, Thomas Bridges of Leigh Upon Mendip and James and by Phillip: John, Philip, James, Edward and Syvester (daughter). Peter Bruges has a good number of documents and numerous confirmed relationships. For example, Thomas Bridges of Leigh Upon Mendip, states in his will my cousen Edward Middlecott of Warminster.
Peter is keen to finding the relatives of Philip Cottington (d.1562) senior as this would help untangle the family lands which were mixed up with those of his wife and her first husband Thomas Burges (d.1543) of Leigh Upon Mendip. The visitations of Somerset (1623) indicate that Thomas was the son of John Bridges of Combe Gloucester and Leigh Somerset but this is not yet supported by other evidence. The descendant line from Thomas Burges or Bridges is confirmed. Margery Middlecott’s son Thomas married Alice the daughter of Walter Bowland of Little Sutton, Wiltshire as per the visitation. Ironically the relationships are not confirmed by Walter’s will of 20 April 1568 but his spinster daughter Lowre’s will of 20 July 1570. 2 inquisitions post mortem for Margery Middlecott state that Thomas Burgys alias Bridges was her eldest son and heir. They are on the http://www.pro.go.uk website. Establishing Margery Middlecott’s parents would be great. Her Warminster and Bishopstrow connections are clear and supported by cross references in wills. I would be interest in any reference to William Wykes (d.1611) who describes himself as a cousin of Richard Bruges (d.1620) or Bridges of Combe Gloucestershire and Scampton Lincolnshire.
It appears that Eleanor who married William Middlecott of Bishopstrow may be Eleanor Bruges, the daughter of Thomas Bruges (d.1543)or Burges of Leigh Upon Mendip and Margery Middlecott. Margery married secondly Phillip Cottington (d.1562). John Cottington (d.1597) of Frome Selwood, half brother of Eleanor, names William Middlecott as a “brother in law” in his PCC will dated 5 Dec 1597. Also, Eleanor named a son Edward (perhaps after her brother Cottington)and a daughter Kinbronghe Middlecott (perhaps after father’s sister Kimbrow).  
Mary Winky contacted me about her family ancestry and with the help of Jim Wood worked out that:
Her grandfather was a Samuel Edward Medlicott born in 1861. During the 1881 census he was living with his sister Eliza, born 1864, and widowed mother, Elizabeth, at 16 Brook Street, Warwick St Mary, Warwick. (Their father, Samuel Medlicott was born n 1822 in Kemble, Wilts. He died in Warwick in March 1868 aged 46). Eliza who later lived in Birmingham died about 1925
Samuel Edward Medlicott married a Fanny Elizabeth Hadley of Warwick. They had issue a Florence Eliza (Mary’s mother) born in 1882 who married an Ernest James Nunn of Guildford in 1913. He died training troops in India Oct 1918 5th Batt The Queens. A second sibling Charles Edward Medlicott was killed in 1916 on the Somme. They had issue James Edward Nunn born 1914 who died in 1978 and Mary Elizabeth Nunn who was born in 1915 and married a Kenneth Wilkie in 1952.

Sherryll Medlicott wrote:
I reside in Queensland Australia and I am researching my husband’s Medlicott tree. I am hoping that you may be able to help me in my research. This is what I have so far:- My husband’s name is John Medlicott. The tree goes as such:- Robert Medlicott b 1824 in Minety Eng. Married Eliza ? She was probably born in Ashton Keynes Children were George b 1850 Elizabeth b 1851 George married Martha Walker Children Robert William George b 1879 Stratton St Margaret Jessie W. b 1873 Margaret E b 1880 Robert William George married Ada May Hyde Children were Frederick George b 1905 Dorothy May b 1902 Adeline Hilda b 1904 Irene May b ?
Frederick George Medlicott married Jane Nicholson Robertson. Children Robert William Medlicott
Robert William married Norma Ellen Jefferson
Children John Frederick b 1956 Jeanne Noel Robert
John Medlicott is my husband and as such that is all we have to go on so far. Is it possible that more information concerning this line of the family could be gleaned from England. From some of the contacts that I have made, no one seems to know where this line of the family comes from though it has been said many times that the Medlicotts all came from the one family. Any ideas where. Thank you for the great site that you have created. I have been researching my various family trees now for about 4 years and your site is one of the best.

Mark Jennings wrote:
Have you come across the ancestors of an Anne Medlicott/Meldicott (born in Mamble) married at Lindridge Worcs, in the Teme Valley, to Thomas Jennings in 1819. I think her parents were Thomas Medlicott and Mary Gittens.
My family branch are the descendants of that marriage. A link may exist to a Medlicott family who turned up in Kinver about 50 years earlier as that is where Thomas and Anne Settled.
Angela writes to say that her husband is related to Thomas Medlicott and Sarah Booth of Grimley Worcestershire UK. They were married at St Bartholomew, Grimley and were on the census for 1841 and 1861,but Thomas was missing on the 1851 census.
Other connections with no defined English link
Jeanne Fuller wrote to say that she is searching for information regarding Hannah Medlicott (b about 1664? in Pennyslvania County, PA, USA) and Daniel Medlicott (who came to America in the 1600’s). She is unsure if they are related (as he shows only 1 daughter, Mary). If anyone has information about those 2 individuals, their ancestry or lineages, please get int touch.
Christpher asked if the Medlicott’s and the Medcalfe/Metcalfe’s of early Northern colonial America related? In particular Medcalfe/Metcalfe’s from very early Penn/Del/New Jer colonies? The was a Daniel Medlicott whom came from Salop to Philly, PA in 1683.